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Native American Mascots: Disrespect or Honor

The Pros of Native American Mascots

The Pros of Native American Mascots
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This is what we believe...

     As we said before, we found more negative information about Native American mascots.  Through this research we also discovered some very strong postive points.  Even though the amount of negatives outweighed the postives, the postive information was much more substantial then those of the negative information.
Some of the Pros are:
  *** The mascots pay homage to Native Americans
  *** They display the Native American culture by       dance
  *** They keep the names from the original  settlements
  *** They keep tradition and identity
  *** They honor bravery, courage, and the fighting skills of Native Americans.
     We believe that the use of Native American mascots is acceptable.   Though, with this stance you can not make every one happy, you can make majority happy.   The reality is most people still would like to keep the Native American names, even some Natives themselves agree that it is OK to keep the names.   
      We also believe that keeping these names pays tribute to Native Americans.  A good example of this would be the baseball team the Atlanta Braves.  When you think of the word brave, you think courageous and honorable.  Without the use of these mascots, several people would not know Native American tribes.   Even though some of the actions and dances of mascots are questionable, none of them are intended to be used as a mockery of their religious ceremonies.  They are not trying to mimic the Navites, but rather these actions are used in spirit of the game.
     In conclusion, we believe that using Native American mascots should not be discontinued.  It would cause alot of problems with supporters of the mascots.  In the end the mascots are not used in a stereotypical or racial way.  In fact, the mascots are used in a way to honor Native Americans and to remember them also
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